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HP USB Headset H300 | Wired with Microphone | 3.5mm USB

by HP

HP H300 USB 3.5mm Wired 4D Stereo Gaming Headphone Headset with Microphone

1. Headset that uses 4D analog loudspeaker displacement technology to let you feel the sound.
2. Soft ear cushions allow for all day comfort day while listening to music, gaming and making phone calls.
3. Convenient Control-Flexible mic for uncompromised vocal clarity. Volume control is a wheel design on the back the left ear of headset.
4. Activate the vibration driver by pressing the control button to deliver powerful amplified bass eddects.
5. The 3.5mm audio connections allow for multiple device compatibility and quality sound. The USB connection is for powering the LED lighting effects only.

Available in Qatar

Shipping Available in Qatar.